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To empower, inspire, and ignite SELF-LOVE into the lives of young girls, giving them the confidence to lead and a positive outlet to be themselves.






I am the President/Founder of Stay Girly, Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit mentorship program for young girls ages 10-17. Stay Girly is for every girl that some times struggle to be themselves in a society that promotes changing who you are to be considered relevant. We will achieve this through workshops, volunteer initiatives, panel discussions, and so much more! The best part about this program is that I am YOU. I started on this journey to help young girls because I know what it's like to not fit in, to be bullied, and teased because of my skin complexion. I know all too well about being insecure, having low self-esteem, lacking confidence, and feeling alone. I know what it's like to reach a breaking point and feeling as if life is no longer worth living. All of these experiences, no matter how hard they've been, are the reasons I am the women I am today. You are not alone!! If I can change just one young girls perception of herself into one of Empowerment, Self-love and Confidence, then I've done what I was called to do, which is to give you the courage to JUST BE YOU!

Join me on this journey of Sis-Tor-hood, as we become the best version of ourselves and live our truth out loud!!