it started when...

LC began teaching her signature "7-Selfs" Course in schools where she started to realize that the girls needed MORE! Teaching the course in a group setting was beneficial in getting the girls to open up about the similarities in the issues they faced, but LC rarely had the opportunity to give them the one-on-one time that they often inquired about and wanted to receive--apparently one hour just wasn't enough time!!

Mentor Me is the solution to that need!!

This one-on-one program is for girls ages 12-14 with an outcome proven to be essential to uncovering some of the deep rooted issues that affect their behavior, grades, self-esteem, communication skills, etc. It was designed to assist in helping them to love themselves, and to help bridge the communication gaps between them and their parents, ultimately make them more comfortable expressing themselves in a healthy, respectful and positive way.

what to expect..

  • 12 week goal specific program (which includes the "7-Selfs" curriculum)
  • One-on-One Sessions with LC 
  • Weekly parent report
  • Mentee Saturdays
  • 5 week-- goal specific curriculum